Bateson Bits

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-From “Toward a Theory of Schizophrenia”, in Steps to an Ecology of Mind, p. 211-212

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-From Percival’s Narrative: A Patient’s Account of His Psychosis, p. xiii-xiv

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-From “The Logical Categories of Learning and Communication”, in Steps to an Ecology of Mind, p. 307


One thought on “Bateson Bits

  1. I thought it rather interesting in that quote from Steps of its remarkable similarity to the ancient forms of indigenous cultures Shamanistic or Vision Quest initiations. In these of course young men who showed signs of madness (our term: schizophrenia, etc.) were isolated and initiated into the shamanic cycles etc. through various forms of sensory deprivation, hallucinogens, mythic frames, dream sequences, repetitive drumming and attunement to natural and mythic cycles, etc. I’ve often thought that most of our schizophrenics were never properly allowed to manifest their potentials because our late capitalist cultures have lost this ancient shamanic cures except here and there in pockets of strangeness.


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