Deep End


If the QWERTY keyboard is the production of a destiny by serving as an (ultimately sub-optimal) lock-in driven by the positive feedback of increasing returns – and can be cognitively handled as “a key to the nature of modernistic time”, the “Capitalist Revelation” – is it insane to make the leap from

esc key + function keys












Two six-layered Stacks, each articulated as an accident, both are phenomenon of global-scale computation (and the infrastructure for it), and both cut across each other at all scales. The question: how did these particular stratifications become produced the way that they have?

Some vital background:

Paul A. David – “Clio and the Economics of QWERTY”

S.J. Liebowtiz and Stephen E. Margolis – “The Fable of the Keys”

Hyperstition blog – “Intro to Qwernomics”

Deeper still: Bratton writes that the Black Stack, the Stack-to-come, ” is less the anarchist stack, or the death-metal stack, or the utterly opaque stack, than the computational totality-to-come, defined at this moment by what it is not, by the empty content fields of its framework, and by its dire inevitability… It is less a ‘possible future’ than an escape from the present” (emphasis added).

If we need to locate escape in the keyboard stack, it is the top row – the esc key. Run through the generative matrices of Anglossic Qabalah and this decodes to 54, a supremely ominous number due to the immediate Katak-ian resonances (as well as certain Egyptian demons summoned via meme magic during the course of 2016). Reversed, and we get 45, the number coding to Lo – the first message sent over the ARPAnet on October 29th, 1969.

Deeper ever more: Fifty Four and Forty Five are the same and each are 207 – the sum of the syzygies composing the numbers of the Hex.


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