Gothic Insurrection


There’s an interesting dialogue taking shape in the Italian weird theory scenes that is taking its chief concern such esoterica as ‘neo-Middle Age’ temporalities, revolutionary eschatology, and the ‘Gothic Insurrection’. It’s an attempt in part, to quote Claudio Kulesko, “to restore the multi-dimensional mythology of [CCRU]’s writings”. It’s also much more—and more will have to be said about it, especially given that it trafficks in topics (e.g. time-tangling, apocalypse culture) and figures (e.g. Sorel) that are central to this blog’s own concerns.

Here’s the contours of the discussion, laid out in chronological order, for those interested in diving in (and please, if I’ve overlooked any pieces feel free to drop them in the comments section below):

EDIT: another more bits to add to the roster:

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  2. rhetttt

    Thank you so much, it’s really rad to see this little bibliography! The only thing I would add is the Gruppo di Nun Manifesto, which is not “canon” to the whole Gothic Insurrection discussion, but it has been a strong influence on all of us.

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